For me it was everything lost. because i did not know what the hell was that. I didn’t know the issue. All i wanted to do to use the Computer but whenever i turned it ON, it was showing that blue screen and it was restarting.

I was worried and curious at the same time, because i wanted my own Computer so badly now i had it but its not working and curious that how i can fix that issue and start using it again.

So in this situation what i did i tried to open the case of my CPU to see whats inside it, I knew its case can be opened, because the Guy who sold this it opened the case in front of my eyes. so i knew that this case can be opened.

So i tried to open it exactly the way he opened, i tried 2-3 times and i was able to open it successfully. It was the first time i saw the CPU from inside.

I saw white colored data cables used to connect CD-ROM and Hard Disk to Motherboard. Off course at that point i did not know, what’s hard disk and all that. But i know this is how it works. I started observing everything inside it. Suddenly that guy who sold us this system came to my mind, and what he did when he sold us his Computer is that He was just trying to unplug the white colored data cable of the Hard Disk which was connecting Hard Disk to Motherboard.

So i thought this could be the solution. so what i did

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